About Bukoba Hope Lutheran Secondary School


RegNo. S4975 & NECTA CentreNo. S5558

The North Western Diocese of the ELCT ceased Bukoba Lutheran Teachers’ College (BLTC) with concrete reasons. Thereafter, the question was, “What should replace BLTC?” Here it is. The BLTC infrastructures at Ruhija campus were registered for the new secondary school named BUKOBA HOPE LUTHERAN SECONDARY SCHOOL (BUHOLUSE). Initially, the diocese thought of a seminary. The government conditions for the seminary did not favour the choice. However, the Diocesan Executive Council (HK) concluded, “let us start a normal secondary school but “a seminary in nature.” This is what the Bukoba Hope Lutheran administration promises to be. The seminary life style in and out; for the best Christ-centred alumni to the families and the society. It is the ‘high-class school’ in the region for females and males from Form I to IV.

On 17/08/2016, the school was officially inaugurated by the Rt. Bishop Rune Backlund from the Church of Sweden. During this official inauguration, the Bishop appreciated the idea to begin the school through the Chinese saying, “If you plan for one year, plant rice. If you plan for three to ten years, plant trees. If you plan for hundred years, educate your people.” He concluded that the diocese has planned in line with the will of God for the new generation.

The school was registered by the government of Tanzania in January 23, 2017. It started with 20 students and 06 staff members. The number of students and staff increases accordingly.